Kiah Imani

 Engineering leader with a passion for Code, Content and Community

I'm US Navy veteran, a Co-Founder for C-Trax and Senior Developer Advocate at Auth0 by Okta based in Charlotte, NC. I have a serious passion for startups and filling knowledge gaps between developers and bleeding-edge technology. Let's make something special

What I Do


Since childhood, I was inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of my parents. That flame flickered and grew until 2018 when it lit up a revolutionary CannaTech startup - C-Trax! With an incredible team alongside me as cofounders, we launched into uncharted territory to create something truly innovative.


I help startups hone in on technology goals and figure out the best strategic approach to achieving those goals. I provide coaching to help startups smooth out their product development process, reduce issue resolution times, and unlock efficiency enhancements to boost organizational agility. I help ensure startups deploy convenient solutions while minimizing risk factors and optimizing technology utilization over time. With my assistance, startups can not only achieve their short-term objectives but also lay sound foundations for sustaining long-term growth.

Developer Advocate

As a Developer Advocate, it is my goal to provide quality support to tech companies when building and nurturing communities. Working with software developers and recognizing their needs and industry trends gives me the ability to help devise along with meticulously execute plans to engage with and build relationships within their target audiences. I understand developing these relationships can lead companies to form long-term beneficial partnerships which acquire new customers and generate meaningful conversations around their products.

Engineering Leader

In my startup, I have successfully managed small globally distributed engineering teams. When leading talented people, I have a twofold strategy: first, I lead by example, setting new standards and expectations. Second, my aim is excellent staff relations — which means taking on the role of servant leader and making sure my team has all the support they need to flourish. It is my mission that no blocker shall stand in their way of achieving greatness!

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