I’m Building NextConf Pro in Public Using .NET! AMA

Hi Friends!

Guess what? This week, I kicked off the 90-Day MVP Live Series, streaming live on platforms like Twitch, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. If you caught the first episode (and if you didn’t, no worries, here’s the link), you saw me dive headfirst into brainstorming features for the very first MVP of the series.

Now, let me spill the tea about what I’m building. It’s called NextConf Pro – an event management application tailored for conference organizers. It’s going to be pretty neat, and I’m super excited to share the details with you.

Cool! What will it do?

Let’s talk about the features we’re including in the MVP:

  • Event Creation and Basic Management: This lets you create and manage events, covering the essentials like date, time, and location.
  • User Registration and Profiles: Attendees can register, create profiles, and get all the event info they need. Plus, we’re generating QR codes for easy profile scanning.
  • Event Schedule: A simple way to list all the sessions and key activities at the event.
  • Ticketing System: We’re setting up a no-fuss ticketing system with basic ticket types and payment options.
  • Basic Analytics: This feature helps us track registration and engagement, giving insights into the event’s popularity.
  • Resource Hub: A go-to place for all event resources and materials.
  • Feedback Mechanism: Organizers want to hear from attendees, so I’m including a straightforward feedback system.
  • Sponsor Management: Organizers can manage event sponsors, including details like organization, contact person, sponsorship tier, and booth location. If time permits, we might add invoice sending capabilities.
  • Communication Channel: Essential communication tools, like email or text message, to connect organizers with everyone else.
  • Companion Mobile App: If we can squeeze it in, there’ll be a simple mobile app for QR code scanning and profile sharing. It’ll likely also display the event schedule.

What’s the stack?

Now, let’s dive into the architecture and tech stack.

Despite our tight timeline suggesting a monolithic architecture might be better, I’m living on the edge! I’m using microservices architecture – partly because I love a challenge, and partly because I’m using this as a demo for an upcoming workshop at VS Live in March about securing microservices.

I’m no pro solutions architect, but here’s a sneak peek of the flow I have in mind:

I’m totally open to suggestions on tweaking the flow to make it more efficient or align it with best practices.

So, what’s in our Tech Stack for NexConf Pro?

  • Data Layer: EF Core with a SQL Server database
  • API Layer: ASP.NET Core WebAPIs w/ Ocelot API Gateway and RabbitMQ for messaging
  • Web Client: ASP.NET Core MVC
  • Mobile Client: Maybe .NET Maui, if we have time

Planning to host everything using AWS services (crossing that bridge when we get there), and hoping to incorporate .NET Aspire, because I’ve been eager to try it out since I learned about it at .NET Conf.

For authentication and authorization, I’m going with Auth0, as I’m not quite sold on .NET 8’s Identity offering for B2C yet. And for managing payments and invoicing? Stripe’s the way to go.

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for more updates as we build NextConf Pro together. Can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

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